Printed Words


Picture from Natalia at Unsplash. Thanks Natalia.


To my readers;

First I want to thank all the talented Photographers who post their pictures at Unsplash…  It is a website with Free Pictures.  I for one am grateful that there are so many people that are willing to allow us to use their Photographs free of charge, especially for someone with no talent for taking photographs…those of you who have seen any pictures I have taken myself and used here, can attest to that. Thank you all for sharing your talents.  It really helps me to convey my messages.

I’m shifting a bit from my normal topics.

It all stems from conversations, both recent and past with my brother, of which a conversation occurred yesterday, prompting this post.

We discuss books, magazines, newspapers, etcetera, but not always the content.  In fact, we discuss the means by which we read them.

From a very young age, my Mother taught me to have a deep love for the written word.  She read to me and taught me that “Books are our friends”.  She uttered those words often, along with the statement that we could travel anywhere we want in a book.


Photo from Iana-dnytrenko at Unsplash. Thanks Iana.

She was right.  You can go to places you only dream of going, both real and imagined.   Travel through time and space, take great adventures, and learn new things.


Somewhere you can go in a photo or book. Photo from Robert Lukeman at Unsplash. Thanks Robert.

So for me, holding a book, turning the pages (even risking the dreaded paper cut) is exhilarating! I even love the feel and smell of books.

But ask my brother and he will tell you the best way to read is to do it on an electronic device or listen to it on said devices.


Photo by Aliis-Sinisalu at Unsplash. Thanks Aliis.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the convenience of those new ways to enjoy the written word.  Obviously, this blog is a testament to that.  But my Question to my brother is…what if the power goes out, or the internet is down, etcetera?  His response…”Even you can’t read a book when the power is out.”  I had an answer to that…Sunshine , Candles and Firelight.


Photo by Pavan at Unsplash. Thanks Pavan.


We banter playfully and often about the Pros and Con’s of each form of the written word.

Everyone has their preferences.  I for one will always prefer a printed version, but I also use the electronic ones.

It gives me great pleasure to visit libraries, my fear is that they may go the way of the dinosaur soon.  I hope not.


Photo from Janko-Ferlic at Unsplash. Thanks Janko.

Smiles cross my face each time I see a child holding an actual book.  It reminds me of my childhood.


Photo from Annie-Spratt at Unsplash. Thanks Annie.

I love newsstands, magazine aisles, bookstores and the Sunday paper.  I dream of a home library (at least 2 stories high) overflowing with books of all kinds.


Photo by Charisse-Kenion at Unsplash. Thanks Charisse.


Photo by Bianca-Isofache at Unsplash. Thanks Bianca


Photo by Roman-Kraft at Unsplash. Thanks Roman.

There is nothing like having a warm drink on a cold day, holding and enjoying a wonderful book or sitting in a park in the warm sun reading a newspaper or magazine, while watching the people pass by.  So many things I will miss if the printed word becomes a thing of the past.

So, no matter how you enjoy the written word…The point is…read.  Teach children to read.  Let it be your vehicle to the past, present, and future.  Travel to exotic places, reach for your dreams, learn something new.

Please feel free to leave your comments on this subject.  I will be very interested to hear you!

Thanks for hearing my written word today;

Bea Heard

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