Soul Searching

I had to share this blog post…I can relate so much to it, and this blogger is wonderful. Has so many amazing things to say, and does it so eloquently. Check out all she has to offer.

Len Moriarty

I found the soul I accidently gave away

You see, I thought I’d lost it years before,

That it escaped its body, after another night

Of being pushed against a pillow

As the body tried to silence its screams.

I thought it was gone until I saw it in your hands-

As you played with it.


I want it back- give it back!

It’s not a toy, another one of your play-things

For those few minutes when you’re bored.

All these years searching and it ended in your hands

Careless hands belonging to a care-less soul

So now the body is screaming again,

Desperate plea’s to finally feel complete.


All I want is my soul.

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