I just had to put the above quote first.  I keep kicking myself for not posting for a few days, then as I realize, some of my favorite bloggers…the ones that I follow regularly…don’t always blog every day….What are the reasons?

I know that bloggers don’t blog 24-7, at least most…I would assume.  We all have lives that somehow get in the way (Ha, Ha), although for some of us, it is not a laughing matter…Life, or the lack of it, does creep in now and then to take away all we set out to do in a day.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the things that take us away from writing, are good, fun things…yes, even I have been known to have a good time now and then.  But other times it is hard to focus on what needs to be done.

This week alone I had a family member in the hospital…so some of my time had been worrying about them, and today…I go a long distance…in a car…(worry, worry), because my Mom is having surgery, and of course I want to be there.  So that has taken up a bit of my time.  I know, through the Grace of God, all will be well with both family members.  But that does not take away the anxiety and fear you have for loved ones who are suffering.

So…The quote above, about not letting a bad day tarnish everything was very appropriate to this situation…and I have to remember, as many of us do, that these little setbacks are only stepping stones…a pathway, if we let them be…to better things.


With that…I will end for today, and be back tomorrow. To take a few more steps in the right direction!

Thanks again for Hearing!


Bea Heard

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