Navigating My Tablet

Well, the beginning of a new Work Week.  My self-imposed way of getting back into the world.

Not mine, but close!

Not mine, but close!

It is going so-so today…as I am having a bit of trouble navigating the Tablet.  I was given this tablet for Christmas last year…my boys thought  as my Computer was dead, that I could use the new technology.

I am finding it both Wonderful and Exhausting at the same time.  Every time I try to put something in..i.e., pictures, quotes, etc., I end up having to take a screenshot of my things. Yes, even the ones I have taken with my own camera.

There must be a better way.  I always thought that I was relatively knowledgable about computers etc., but things change so fast, and I am a visual learner, and do best when shown what to do first.  But, I have no one around on a regular basis to help out…so…I am on my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I have people to help me, family members are ever willing to lend support.  I just have a processing problem (ha,ha).

So, now that I have told you my beginnings of the day.  I can let you know that I had a Great weekend…My small guest was so much fun and Great Medicine for the soul.  We made many things,

Salt clay...she made me a butterfly with a tadpole!

Salt clay…she made me a butterfly with a tadpole!

and read books, watched movies, made meals together.

Spachetti cooked inside hot dog pieces, with cheese sauce...mac and cheese with a twist!

Spachetti cooked inside hot dog pieces, with cheese sauce…mac and cheese with a twist!

We even made a tent in the living room, (sorry no picture of that) slept there and told ghost stories.

All in all, it was restful…until….she left.  Then, while I was alone again…things were able to creep into my mind.  I had a rough rest of the weekend, but as you can see…I LIVED!

So…upward and onward, as it were.  I am going to stop playing with the tablet, and trying to get it to work my way…and do a bit more writing on the Hard stuff that must be addressed.

Thanks to all for reading.  I want to Thank those of you who are following me.  It gives me added incentive to continue when I know there are those out there reading. Thanks for helping me stay on track.  Please leave comments, good or bad…as I cannot get better at this if I don’t get feedback.

Thanks for Hearing!


Bea Heard

3 thoughts on “Navigating My Tablet

    • I realized that if I delete photos from my gallery, they come off of the posts as well…not sure why…I was trying to make space for other photos…Lesson Learned. Thanks for reading and Hearing…Love your posts as well.

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      • Thanks Bea… I try to insert only lower-res images into posts via wp media library, while keeping higher-res images for my hard drive. Looking forward to reading and seeing more photos from you! 🙂 ♥ ❤


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