Yes, the word of the day is Procrastinating….I have been up (getting up…a relative thought), since 5am.  Spent 1 1/2 hours on the Exercise bike..usually I do that later in the day…

Yes you see my stash of yarn behind the bike...helps my inspiration level

Yes you see my stash of yarn behind the bike…helps my inspiration level

Then made the coffee, looked at this blog site, decided to read other blogs that I follow.  Found some disheartening, some inspiring, some funny…that all killed a few hours, and now we are here at about 8:30am still procrastinating.

Filled the coffee again, made me a biscuit with PB&J, to eat for breakfast, filled the water, drank it right down, filled it again with ice and lemon juice added for good measure… took a bite or two of the biscuit… wrote in the journal (this too, I usually do later), and then decided to get to work…


But as you can see…I’m doing this instead.  I realized that my Procrastinating, was because….the writing I did yesterday, invaded my sleep, AGAIN!  I have a feeling this is going to be a regular thing…and as my Sibling pointed out yesterday….I’m going to have to PUSH THROUGH IT!

Saw a Hummingbird feeding from the feeder…even in the rain…gave me a smile that I greatly needed right now.  I think my Grandmother sent it!


But sitting down today and seeing the last words I wrote, just got to me…they were part of the outline I made for my chronological list I’m putting together, and I usually write a miniscule portion of the event, to help me remember what I want to write about.  The entry was….Hit me with baby in my arms!

The Memories Flooded in yesterday, and my work day on the book ended…I watched a few episodes of Friends, Made dinner…Spaghetti and Meatballs, as it took quite a space of time to complete, and kept me busy…spoke to my Sibling, and had a Great Ab workout, as Usual!

And today, as I look at it again….I am fighting with myself to actually go back there for that one…It is something, I may pass over and come back to…Problem is…How much of the paper do I leave blank, so I can come back to it?

Well, I’ve Procrastinated long enough…time to “Jump in with both feet”, as it were, and do some real healing!!!!

More later…Thanks for Hearing!


Bea Heard

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