Well, another day…feels good to be writing again, can’t tell you how long it has been since I have had my writing fingers going as long and as hard as they have the past two days!

I got up this morning (after thinking I would actually get good sleep…Ha!) surviving a rough night.  I was so tired, after staying up all the night before, writing incessantly till morning and beyond!  Though sleep came fast…it did not last long.  It seems that the writing I did, brought back dreams, 10 fold.  But I will not let it discourage me.

Let me show you a picture of how my table looks on a normal…not working on writing day!!!


Yes, my creative juices flow into the crafty side as well…it has always had a way of calming me…that and cooking…so on my breaks…it is there ready for me.

This is now how my table looks….I can’t take a panoramic view, so you get stages…




Cluttered Chaos…you say…Well, Yes…but it is Organized cluttered Chaos to me….I need the knitting and crafting items for my breaks…to settle the nerves from the writing, about all the scary stuff!  I of course need the paper and pencils, pens, erasers etc., for the work on the book (thus my work day), and of course, we cannot forget the coffee…though it looks like I have 2 coffee mugs going (normally not a problem)…the one in the back, even having a Dunkin Doughnuts sticker on it…is actually water….yep…need to stay extra hydrated!

And we cannot forget the view….


One day, I hope this is my view!!!


And I hope to be writing, outside…yes, you heard, outside looking at this from my Deck, and still writing away!

So, Break is over, and it is time to get back to work….the Novel will not write itself.

Talk to you soon, and Thanks for Hearing!


Bea Heard

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