Ok…I know that it is the 6th….two days past since the 4th of July…and I was going to tell you if I had exercised my little bit of Independence.

Yes…but only for a second or two…if that.  Here it is…..

If you read my last post…You know that I was going to try to actually see the fireworks…not from my window, but from the front step.  Well it rained and I did not think they would happen (not too disappointed), but it cleared up, and the Fireworks commenced.

I Fearfully opened the door, and immediately saw the neighbors across the street along with many up and down the street…on Lawn Chairs etc., watching the display.

Can’t even remember what the fireworks looked like, I was trying to get the courage to step through my screen door.

I did and held my back to the wall…I felt dizzy, hot, sweaty and thought I might pass out…I backed back into the house.

Well, at least I attempted it.  I had to shut the door and for the last 2 days have been trying to Re-Coop my body’s reaction to my bit of Courage!

Sorry I did not get a picture…I was too shaky to know what I was really up to anyway.  So…I just got out my tablet and went to the Kidsdoodle app I have to make you a picture of Fireworks…I think it turned out just fine!

wpid-150706_103512.png   So who needs outside Fireworks, when you have such a beautiful display on a tablet app?

I will try again soon to go out when people are around.  As I have processed things in the last couple of days, I realized I DID SOMETHING AMAZING!   I actually went into the world…by myself….no entourage to back me up as usual, and even though I do not remember much….for those few seconds….I was Independent!!!!

Feels Great!!!

Thanks for Hearing!


Bea Heard

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