As the title says….I’m pushing for a bit of “Independence” today…and I believe the 4th is the perfect time for it.  Here is another picture from today…late afternoon…it was more sunny earlier…

wpid-p_20150704_185932.jpg   of course it is getting windy…as you see the flags waving on the neighbors lawn…but I was going to try to go out and water the flowers… yes…a step towards that independence, by going out in the daytime.  But this is what happened not half an hour later…

wpid-p_20150704_193303.jpg   ok…now what is this telling me….either, I needed to go sooner…or maybe it was not meant to be today!!!

I think I held off long enough for an excuse!

I will try to go out a bit later and catch some fireworks….that is, if they still have them.  I can see them from my front door, just over the houses.  They come from the park just down the street, but I think I am going to try to see them from the step this time…Yes the door will be open, for a speedy escape if I need it…I’m seeing blue skies in the distance, and the wind is dying down…Maybe I will get to be independent today after all.

I will let you know!!!

A Great 4th of July to you all!

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