Natural Repellents for Insects and Vermin

It’s that time of year again…Things are heating up, and some of Gods most Wonderful…Scratch that…Most Pesky Creatures, are on the prowl again (Mice have been since winter).

Lets see….

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-32-54.jpg   Ants…Trying to invade your home and get into your precious food….not to mention the many picnics around the world they incessantly forge trails to.

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-33-26.jpg  Mosquitoes… Like tiny vampires…trying to suck up every ounce of blood you have in reserve…Not to mention the many dreaded diseases they carry!

And Most important are the… wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-07-17.jpg Bees!

Yes, those Wonderful, and Deadly creatures…For me, as I am allergic, They are a contradiction in terms.  On one hand, I Love them for the fact that they pollinate our plants and flowers…the food sources around the world that sustain us every day…On the other hand, Like many others who are allergic, one sting could be deadly….SO….We need to keep them away, while NOT KILLING THEM COMPLETELY!!!

They are necessary for…wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-07-28.jpg  plants and flowers…

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-07-41.jpg  Honey…Yummy, Yummy, Etc..

My Solution…..

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-10-12.jpg  Mint….The Stronger the better…Most Insects and Vermin do not like the smell of Peppermint!!!!  Spearmint works well with spiders.

Mice particularly hate Peppermint…wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-09-28.jpg !!!

So…as Citrus contains engenol oil (used in pesticides…but deadly to humans as well, in large doses),

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-12-46.jpg  wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-14-54.jpg

Lemons, Limes, and wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-14-42.jpg Cloves(containing engenol as well), work gret together as a repellant!!!!

Wow…More than one natural way to repel Gods, Pesky creatures…You see…He gives them to us to sustain the world, and gives us a way to keep them at bay, and in Nature, where they belong.

We have to choose to use these natural remedies…

I have personally used each of the ways I am speaking of today…

I use Spearmint oil…About 10 Drops of pure oil in 6 oz., of water….and put into a spray bottle…Shake vigirously, and spray…I use it in my basement and Crawl spaces once a week…all year long.

I use Peppermint,  same solution as above, and spray all around doorways, screens on windows (especially in the mosquito season, at night) and I add Lavender…it is also a repellent, and it soothes you for sleep. REMEMBER: NEVER SPRAY SOLUTIONS OF ANY KIND, ON FACE AND SKIN…IT WILL BURN, AND IF IT GETS INTO YOUR EYES…SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY!!!!

The Lemon-Lime-Clove repellent is easy….Place whole cloves, in cut Lemons or limes, lay them in a dish, and put them around the kitchen, on picnic tables, etc..

There are a few more things that will help…I have used them all and they do work…

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-15-03-20.jpg  Cinnamon, works great for wasps and Ants… spread it daily for about 14 days, in the areas you see these creatures…They will find a new home.

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-15-02-55.jpg  Chopped Chili peppers…. BE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES WHEN MAKING THE FOLLOWING SOLUTION…DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES!!!

Put 2-3 cups of water in a sauce pan…chop 2-3 chili peppers…the stronger the better…Seeds and all. put chopped peppers in water, and boil for 2-3 minutes (with lid on)…cool, strain, and pour into spray bottle…you can add a bay leaf as well…wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-22-57.jpg  Use this spray, wherever you see ants, bees, spiders, Mice…yep, those little vermin hate it!

Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay leaves, Basil…all have engenol oil in it as well…but in the natural form, it is fit for human consumption.

Grow, peppermint plants in pots, as they will overtake anything you plant it near…I have them around my doors, and one or two in the house.

wpid-screenshot_2015-06-03-14-21-48.jpg Basil in your Garden is not only good for your marinara sauce, but it will repel mosquitoes and other pests too.

A few things to remember for your Natural solutions…Get good quality sprayers…as the peppers and mint solutions will eat away at most plastic, and you will be replacing the sprayers, and or bottles and throwing them in the Recycle bin.  The better the sprayer, the longer it will last.


They can though be sprayed on pants, socks (not skin), etc., just be careful not to touch them and then your eyes.

Pets can benefit from the peppermint solution…Remember…No face, or paws…Just the back area!

Also…if you can stand it…and I do mean, if you can stand it…I have an old Home remedy for keeping mosquitoes away…My Grandmother gave it to my Mom, when I was young…(allergic to all insect bites), you drink 2 tablespoons of Cider Vinegar, in 6 oz., of water, and then eat a Tablespoon of Honey (preferable from honey bees in your living area).  I think personally the honey was to help get over the taste of the vinegar…but if you don’t do both…it does not work.  Now, you HAVE TO DO THIS DAILY!  all through mosquito season…I know…Yucky!!!   Yes it is…and I did it regularly, it takes about 3 days for it to work, and if you skip a day…it takes 3 more to make up for it…NO you do not smell like vinegar, but it really does work.

NOW, these are my hints for getting through the array of insects and vermin in your life and doing it in a natural way…so we don’t kill all the bees, then die, of malnutrition!

Just a thought!

Have a Great Day!

Thanks for Hearing!