I may not want Children or Teens for that matter, reading this Blog.  Only because I know that some of the content, may become inappropriate for them.

But today, I want to talk about children.  I do this because in my own life, I am asking some questions.  I know we as parents, are not responsible for all of the decisions our children make.  I know this because, I did not blame my parents for decisions I made, that may not have been the best decisions of my life, and because of that knowledge, I know we are not responsible for the bad decisions our children make in their lives…..

Why then do I FEEL responsible?  Is it because from the time they were born, and even before, we wondered if they were going to be ok, and are we doing our best for them?  I know that I worried about every little thing, and still do.

From the time they were conceived, I wondered if I was doing the right thing…am I eating the right things, so they can grow properly?  Am I getting enough excersize….and so on!

Then they are born…..wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-06-41-18.jpg

Now you have a whole new set of worries….are they eating enough, is their poop the right color, are they breathing when you leave them in the crib, are they wet, do I produce enough milk, do I have enough money to support them, do they know I Love them…and so on again!

You make it through the first few months, and they are fine, they begin rolling over, they start eating real food, they sit up on their own, and then……


They become young children…toddlers…curious about everything, and that brings an entirely new set of worries… Will they stick something in a light socket, will they fall and bump their heads, are they walking properly, when will that tooth come in, do they know how much I Love them…am I making the right decisions…do I go back to work, do I leave them in daycare, do I quit my job…etc., etc., etc.,!

Then……wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-06-34-08.jpg  They become school age children, with another new set of worries…Will they like their teachers, will they get along with others, will they get hurt and I’m not there, will they be bullied, will they be a bully, am I teaching them right from wrong, am I teaching them good morals, are they being polite…do they know I Love them…etc., and so on!

And Then…

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-06-34-47.jpg  All of the sudden they are Pre-Teens…with an even bigger set of worries… Can I say the right things when I talk to them about their changing bodies, do I need to have the sex talk now, are they even interested in the opposite sex, can I like their music, do they want me to hug them in public, do they know how much I Love them, are they doing their homework, do they realize what life has in store for them, will they be able to get into a good college, will I be able to pay for college, do they have good friends…..and so on and so on!

Then again…..wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-06-48-27.jpg  They grow into full fledged teenagers, with an even bigger set of worries…Do they Care how much I Love them, do they eat properly, are they getting along with others, are they being safe sexually, are they even ready for the problems being in a sexual relationship can cause, are they staying away from Alcohol and Drugs, do they know how the wrong decisions at this point, could effect the rest of their lives, are they posting appropriate material on the internet…do they know how all their decisions now can change what jobs they get, what college they get into, how others will treat them, do they feel LOVED, etc., and so on!

Then there comes the time when…wpid-screenshot_2015-05-28-06-47-18.jpg  They go out on their own…either to college, or just an apartment with friends…or living with that special someone, or getting ready to get married, and you say…..Do they know how much I Love them, will they have enough to live on, will they be able to support a family, will I have grandchildren, Did I Teach Them all they need to know to be Grown Up?

And there they are….doing what you did, and you are still worrying about them…It never stops…I know they don’t get that when they are young.  I never got it until I had children of my own, and that may never change in the circle of life, but I do Love my children, and I have always wanted what is best for them.  They will never stop being that little child I held in my arms, sang songs to, wiped their tears, changed their diapers, taught them to walk, talk, etc.,!

They will always be my Baby, no matter how old they get…and that is wonderful…and I still wonder…

Did I teach them right, Did I protect them enough, Did I protect them too much, DO THEY KNOW HOW VERY MUCH I LOVE THEM?

Have a Great Day!

Thanks for Hearing!

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