Spring in full swing!

Just looking out my window this morning, drinking a nice cup of coffee.  It looks as if it will be a Beautiful day.  I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but Spring has been around for a while, and some days you cannot tell what the weather is supposed to be.

For instance…This week has been  cold like fall, warm like early summer, and Very, Very rainy.  The rain has been off an on for almost the entire month now…It’s great on one hand, as we did not have the amount of snow this year that we usually do.  It is also nice not to have to turn the sprinklers on to water the lawn yet…The Grass is Green and beautiful.  Birds are chirping, and I do hear new life…the little ones calling for their parents, as they are left alone while Mom and Dad gather breakfast.

But, the rain coupled with cold fall like,  almost winter days…puts a real damper on the plants I’m trying to grow.  Funny how at the end of winter…we had beautiful 80+ weather, so much so that my mint started to sprout…Now, I believe I will be needing to buy new seeds…and it is hard to Kill Peppermint.  I grow it in pots to cut back on it spreading throughout the entire yard, but I did not want it to completely leave.

Oh well, as I said…Today is looking Beautiful…It rained last night, and this morning it looks as if it will be sunny…I can’t see any clouds…but the day is newborn, we’ll see what happens when it becomes a toddler…you know how they can be, mischievous, and unpredictible…Fun, for lack of a better word.

I have not come up with another topic I want to discuss yet…but never fear…I always have something to say…look at this post…I was just going to write a short sentence or two about the beauty of the morning, and it has turned into an all out description of our weather patterns for the month.

Okay, if you are reading and have a topic you want to talk about…write or comment and I will keep up the conversation….anything you want…nothing is off limits…as I am trying to be heard…I want others to be heard as well…so BE WARNED…THOSE READING…AS YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL BE HERE!

I will ask a few things though…I would personally appreciate having bad language held to a minimum, and if there are posts or comments from others…Please be kind and considerate…you may not agree with others, but we should get along…if you want to be heard, you need to hear others as well, and like this Golden day (thanks Pony Boy)…we need to follow the proverbial Golden Rule…It works Great for all of us!

Have A Great Spring Day (while it lasts)

Thanks for Hearing!

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